25 years of professional experience

Who we are

Alliance Construction Services was formed by brothers Dennis Pierce and David Pierce. Both have been in the construction business for over 25 years. Both members bring unique skills to the company, from Estimating, Project Managing to oversee, and running a small business.

Dennis Pierce is our head Client Manager. He focuses on ensuring that once the job has been secured that a plan of action is in place to see it accomplished in a timely manner. He coordinates all people and subs involved. He meets with the clients to understand their needs and works to come up with a plan of action. His focus is to ensure that all of the clients’ needs are clearly articulated and put into action.

David Pierce is the Construction Manager. He oversees all pricing for projects and oversees the day to day functions of the office.

One of the greatest assets is that there are over 50 years of combined experience running and operating this type of business.

Alliance Construction Services currently serves commercial or industrial construction needs in Louisiana, Texas and Arkansas markets. We look forward to hearing from you and the opportunity to work with you on your current or proposed project.

Our Greatest Assets

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