Why Join Our Family Owned Business


Established by brothers Dennis Pierce and David Pierce, each boasting a robust 25-year background in the construction industry, Alliance Construction Services stands as a beacon of comprehensive expertise. Our founders bring diverse skills, from precise estimating to efficient project management and successful small business operations. Specializing in commercial and industrial projects, we offer meticulous start-to-finish construction solutions. With licenses and insurance coverage extending across Louisiana, Texas, and Arkansas, our commitment to delivering top-tier construction remains unwavering. 

  • Career Development Opportunities: Join us for the chance to advance your career within a supportive and growth-oriented environment, offering opportunities for skill enhancement, professional development, and upward mobility.
  • Collaborative and Values-Driven Culture: Be part of a team where collaboration, transparency, and a commitment to high morals and integrity are not just words but integral aspects of our daily operations, creating a positive and values-driven work culture.

BENEFITS OF WORKING AT Alliance Construction Services


401(k) + 3% Employer Match

End of Year Team Vacation!

All Travel Expenses Covered!

Our Culture

Our company culture revolves around a unified team mindset. We believe in fostering an environment where individual contributions are valued, and everyone works collaboratively towards shared goals. In line with this philosophy, we prioritize autonomy and trust, avoiding micromanagement to empower our team members. Our commitment to high morals and unwavering integrity is non-negotiable – there are no exceptions.

Our Culture

  • Transparency: Encourage open communication, accessible information, and inclusive decision-making to promote a transparent flow of information.
  • Honesty: Uphold a culture valuing truthfulness, ethical conduct, and constructive feedback for genuine and open interactions.
  • Accountability: Instill an ownership mentality, emphasize results-driven contributions, and encourage learning from mistakes to foster a culture of accountability and continuous improvement.